Embedded System Engineer

at Transcelestial in Singapore
Posted 5 months ago

About this position

Today, developing countries in Asia and the most remote regions across the world lack access to the internet and with that, the resources to do business, exchange ideas and learn.

This pressing global issue cannot be adequately resolved with last century’s cable and satellite technology. Transcelestial uses laser technology to accurately create the fastest network on earth and in space. This technology propels connectivity and access to be 1000x faster than what is available today. This is achieved by harnessing light to transfer and relay data at up to 100 Gbps within a network.

What if you could really change the future?

In the next 3 years, Transcelestial will design and power a constellation of nano satellites for terrestrial, satellite and deep space applications. Perhaps, one day soon it will even be possible to send — and receive – information that reaches Alpha Centauri.

Transcelestial is creating the world’s first ever, super fast space laser network. This is a focused team of highly talented Engineers and Research Scientists. Currently in seed stage.

Be a part of our team if you want to define the rules of how our civilization communicates!


Main responsibility is to design the architecture of the embedded system for our terrestrial laser communication technology called CENTAURI 1.0, currently under development, capable of delivering 10s of Gbps of connectivity over a few kilometers. This is the fastest wireless technology on the planet.

  • Implement a new alternative to the current system, which uses real time operating systems rather than scheduled ones
  • Sit between the electronics-control team & computer vision-intelligence team to bring hardware and software innovations under a single commercial embedded package
  • Develop low level APIs, data pipelines and adapters from the compute hardware on the CENTAURI 1.0 platform to talk to various peripheral sensors, networking components and electronics components.
  • Test and Debug hardware and software issues on the CENTAURI 1.0 platform by implementing a testing & QA framework for the team


  • Degree in computer engineering, computer science, electronics engineering or a closely related field with equivalent experience
  • Expert Knowledge in:
    • Python / C++ code for device drivers, low level APIs, sensor data processing and calibration
    • Engineering design to architect layouts for embedded platforms
  • Working Knowledge in:
    • Embedded platforms: Microprocessors such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, using other microcontrollers
    • Writing for resource constrained computing platforms (Low level APIs for hardware such as physical devices) with a bias towards optimising code for memory and performance
  • Basic Knowledge in:
    • Embedded platforms’ complex systems using microcontrollers with specific applications


  • Working knowledge in verilog or VHDL
  • Familiar with high performance embedded systems debugging using oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers.
  • Candidates coming from an environment working in robotics, IoT, autonomous vehicles, space and satellite technologies are encouraged to apply.


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