Backeng Engineer 2

at Test Slack Inc. in San Francisco, California
Posted 2 months ago

About this position

The Role
Use your extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to improve the Slack web client, a complex in-browser application relied upon by millions of users every day. You will work with real-time data streams, engineer for performance across browsers, and delight people by making the best software we can imagine. You will collaborate closely with Product, Design, Application Engineering, and QA to spec, build, test and deploy new features. This position reports directly to the Director of Frontend Engineering.

What you will be doing
You’ll brainstorm with Product Managers and Designers to conceptualize new features
You’ll collaborate with Application Engineering to build new features for our large-and-growing user base
You’ll learn about new web technologies and discuss potential solutions to problems
You’ll help our skilled support team triage bugs and troubleshoot production issues
You’ll mentor other engineers and deeply review code

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