Content Marketing Manager

at Standuply, Inc. in Moscow, Russia
Posted 4 months ago

About this position

Hey, folks!

Do you love content creation as much as we do? Then it could be an opportunity to join our forces because we’re looking for a Content Marketing Manager. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

We’re a very ambitious team behind widely successful global startup Standuply, the #1 Project Management App for Slack. It serves 35,000 teams like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Slack helping them with project management automation. In our vision, Standuply becomes a full-fledged Digital Project Manager (hopefully humanity will survive by that time:)

One of the marketing channels that drives us customers is Content Marketing. Our articles receive over 100,000 readers annually so that we become opinion leaders in our niche. But, we need your help to make this activity consistent and even more successful.

Here’s what you will work on:

1. Content creation (in English, of course)
You can do it by yourself and/or with the help of others. The goal is to create a content that attracts attention, provides value and converts. That’s tough work.

2. Content promotion
We spend a hell of a time on promoting our content. It’s tedious manual work, but the one can’t avoid it. Otherwise, no one will find out about the content. You should be okay doing that.

3. Email marketing and content curation
We’re gathering emails of our visitors and readers to start our email newsletter at some point. It should be you telling us “Guys, we need to start our email newsletter NOW. I know how to make it work!” taking over that activity.

We have more ideas to work on with you in the future but let’s focus first on those three above.

Wondering if you’re a good fit? Tick the boxes below.

[ ] Writing is your passion
[ ] You have experience working with content creation and promotion with concrete achievements (tell us about it)
[ ] You’re young, creative and about getting things done (“done is better than perfect” is your motto)
[ ] You enjoy working in a startup where everything changes quickly
[ ] You know (a bit of) SEO in relation to Content Marketing
[ ] Nice, but not obligatory: you have experience in managing projects and people

So, you’ve ticked all the boxes. What do we have for you?

– autonomy and the full scope of work to grow in the field of Content Marketing
– a friendly, crazy and supportive team of like-minded people (we’ll have a lot of fun together)
– remote work: feel free to work from a Thai villa or in a Bibliotheque in St. Pete
– the arrangement of labor according to the Russian Federation Laws (vacations, PTO, salary, etc.)
– supportive programs to develop your skills (you define what you need)

Want to speak to us? Reach out via email hello at See you onboard

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