Senior Front-end Engineer

at Shuttl in India
Posted 9 months ago

About this position

Why Shuttl?
Shuttl makes it possible for thousands of daily commuters to travel with dignity. We are solving a huge infrastructural gap in our mass transport system with a lot of success. Our services are available to both the end consumer as well as businesses across many cities in India.

Our company culture reflects the responsible, liberal and creative mindset of our team. We believe that technology is and will be a key differentiator and we are excited to apply and create technology to solve problems in the mass transportation space.

Our engineering team is composed of three groups – consumer, business and platform. The consumer group builds solutions that allow ordinary citizens to use Shuttl. The business group builds solutions that service transportation and fleet management needs for businesses. Finally, the platform group is responsible for building the platform that is leveraged by the consumer and business groups.

We are looking for Senior Frontend Engineers for multiple teams:

  • B2B Panel– This is part of B2B Engineering group. The lines of products offered by this team, are the tools used by our B2B Partners and Internal B2B Operations teams to get Shuttl B2B business going.
  • Operations– This is part of the Internal and Platform Engineering group. The line of products offered by this team,are the tools used by our Internal operations teams that manage the Routing, Vehicle management and internal panels to get Shuttl Operations going.
  • Vendor– This is part of B2B Engineering group. The line of products offered by this team, are the tools used by our vendors and supply teams to get Shuttl going.

What will I do?

  • You will work as an Senior Software Engineer on the various products in the B2B
  • Panel/Operations/Vendor teams
  • You will be responsible for developing new features and maintaining existing ones.
  • You will be responsible for architecture and code design
  • You will be expected to build quality software in a timely fashion using prescribed engineering process

How do we work?

Our engineering process is a five step process which consists of phases for planning, developing, testing & profiling, releasing and monitoring.

The planning phase consists of documenting of the feature/task to be done followed by various discussions. These discussions cover product, delivery estimates, release plan, monitoring plan, test plans, architecture, code design, technology choices and best practice adoption.
The development and testing phase coexist and involve writing code, unit tests, performance tests, profiling, stress testing, code reviews and QA testing. This phase is punctuated with daily scrums and standups.

The release phase is largely about managing and communicating the release to customers and internal stakeholders and activating features.
The last phase is the monitoring phase where relevant metrics and exceptions are tracked and any critical refinement for the delivered feature is undertaken. This phase culminates with a retrospective.

What skills should I have?

For this role we expect you to have 3 years of experience in frontend development.
You should have strong command of core web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and a working experience of JavaScript frameworks/libraries like ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJS etc is nice to have.
If you have knowledge about server-side languages like Java, Kotlin, Python, NodeJS etc along with experience in API design and development, it is a huge plus.
You should be knowledgeable about programming languages, operating systems, networks, databases and SQL, algorithms, architecture, code design and design patterns

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