Software Developer (React / JavaScript)

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Software Developer (React / JavaScript)

We’re a startup based out of Waterloo, Canada building a smart, curious, and driven team that’s passionate about making software that helps sales reps sell better.

Prospect is a lead generation platform that intelligently sources contact data right inside of your web browser in real-time. The best sales teams from the top tech companies in the world use Prospect to crush their sales targets.


We’re currently a team of 7 people — you will be #8.  We are profitable and self-funded (no VCs or investors). We did this because we want to do what’s best for our team and customers (not investors).  We have sane working hours; we don’t work weekends, take ample time off, and work ~8 hours a day.


You enjoy writing beautiful code. You care not just about whether the code works, but you think deeply about how well it performs, and how easily it will be understood by future developers.  You like shipping things. Whether it is bug fixes or features, you realize that every line of code is an opportunity to make a user’s experience better.   You ship often. You realize that the most efficient way to build a robust large application is by building it in smaller chunks and iterating upon user feedback.  You like getting feedback. Whether it is talking to real users or adding custom application metrics, you believe that getting real user data is a smart way to make decisions.  You are organized and autonomous. You don’t need someone to keep tabs on you all the time. You are able to take a goal, break it up into small tasks, and self-organize them in the best sequence to get the tasks achieved.  You are an excellent communicator. You try to make the best use of the tools available to use. You commit your code in small chunks and commit often.


We are currently 4 developers. Our roles are roughly divided based on the projects we are working on. However, some of us are full stack and tend to jump between projects.  The most used parts of our stack are:

  • Frontend: Electron, ES6, React, and Redux for our core app
  • REST API: Java 8
  • Cloud: A blend of AWS and Google Cloud
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Internal: GitLab for CI/CD, issues, and wiki


You will initially be working on our core product. The core product is an application built using Electron, React, and Redux application. You will be shipping code directly to all of our users and getting lots of feedback while you’re at it.  Every now and then, you may also jump into the backend to add and modify endpoints.  As the year progresses and the core product roadmap is cleared, you will also take on other responsibilities such as taking ownership of other user-facing parts of our company .


The exact list and sequence of products we work on really changes based on customers’ feedback but the following projects are confirmed for our 2019 roadmap:

Some projects we have in the pipeline:

  1. Electron application — add new features (such as deeper integration with Salesforce), improve UI/UX interactions, and make things faster in our core product
  2. New users’ dashboard — build the new users’ admin panel which will let administrators manage user licenses, do billing, and view analytics
  3. New website — help wrap up the work required to launch our new website

If you’re interested, you can also jump on some of the following internal projects:

  1. Revamp internal admin panel
  2. Make TypeScript the default language in our core product
  3. Improve internal tooling (CI/CD, error monitoring, code quality) to speed up development cycles


  • 3+ years programming experience and 1+ year React experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • We don’t require a degree but you should have demonstrated the ability to learn new things quickly (either self-learned, from a bootcamp, or from school)


  • Worked at a startup or a small company before
  • Front-end design chops (Sketch, CSS, an eye for good user interfaces)
  • User-centered design and experience with usability testing
  • Experience working with Java REST APIs


  • Salary: $65,000 – $90,000/year Canadian Dollars
  • Work remotely or from our office in Waterloo — your choice
  • Benefits (Health, Dental, etc) through our company HSA
  • Catered lunches every day and snacks at the office
  • Vacation travel spending allowance
  • Laptop of your choice

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